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Books Etc South Africa

offers a personal and exclusive selection of South African and UK books, as well as a plain English proofreading service.

The blog is dedicated (mostly) to South African books, UK booksplain Englishfood, South African wine; podcasts, radio and TV.

The shop offers a small selection of collectible books etc for sale.

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To contact us please write to books[at]booksetc.co.za.

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Books Etc South Africa
PO Box 77304
Fontainebleau 2032


At Books Etc South Africa we are passionate about books and our aim is to:


►  provide you with useful, accurate and reliable books-related news and information, specialising in titles published in South Africa and the UK

►  instil, or perhaps restore, an interest in books and reading in an era dominated by alternative ‘e-pastimes’

►  offer you the best possible personal service, whether it is an initial enquiry, a book order or checking your website or manuscript


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