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With the clocks going back to GMT in the UK on 26 October, Today on Radio 4 now starts at 08:00 SAT rather than 07:00, so I thought I’d look for something different to listen to while I waited for Today to start.

Wanting a change from the the Beeb, the obvious alternatives were the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand since, for the time being at least (!), we all share a common language, though, after watching The Block NZ S3, I’m not so sure!

At 07:00 it’s midnight on the east coast of the States, and the type of programming then is rather different from during the day, so I thought I’d start by exploring Australia from coast-to-coast, starting with Perth and travelling anti-clockwise until I hit Darwin. The only trouble is, that because travelling from one city to the next is nothing more than a screen touch away, I have, at least for now, settled in Sydney and 702 ABC Sydney in particular.

Richard Glover’s Drive programme (15:00 – 18:00 local / 06:00 – 09:00 SAT) does what it says on the tin, with traffic updates etc etc, but you can tell that he is an experienced journo, and his light touch with his guests (together with the occasional leg-pull) make for pleasant listening and ‘something different’. In recent days he has interviewed David Attenborough (promoting The Third Dimension) and Baroness Susan Greenfield, author of Mind Change.

To listen to 702 ABC Sydney live, click here. The blue Live Stations button will take you to the ABCs other stations.








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