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24 January | Annual updates

As usual at the start of a new year, pages have been archived and some have been deleted.

The BOOKS (UK) pages have been changed and now refer to Gardners Books rather than The Bookseller.

‘Search UK Books @ Gardners’ has been added to the front page, and the link to BooksLIVE has changed to Sunday Times Books’ in keeping with the changes made at the South African Sunday Times.


30 November | Updates to BOOKS (UK)

For reasons unknown and for which I apologise, updates (eg, the addition of a month of of new titles) do not automatically appear in the BOOKS (UK) drop-down menu. This gives the incorrect impression that this section of Books Etc South Africa is not updated regularly.

To correct this bug and bring the BOOKS (UK) drop-down menu up-to-date, please refresh the list by clicking the BOOKS (UK) tab.

17 September | Book cover images – restored

All book covers for 2018 and 2017 have been restored. If you come across a missing cover or an incorrect one, please let me know.

I’ve decided not to restore the (few) missing images for 2016 and earlier.

15 September | Book cover images – update

The technical issue for why virtually all book covers have disappeared from the website has been identified. However, because each (blank) book cover has to be replaced manually, for the amount of work involved it is not possible to restore or replace every image.

A decision will be made in the next few days to decide just which images to restore, but in the meantime the September and October 2018 [UK] New Titles pages are now back to normal.

Thank you again for your understanding.

14 September | Book cover images

I apologise that virtually all book cover images have disappeared from the website. This significant technical problem is being worked on and I hope to be able to restore the images soon.

Thank you for your understanding.


17 November | Website maintenance

Not least to speed up the loading time, from the beginning of December I will be reviewing the website and deleting (Archive) material that has become dated or redundant.

17 October | Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions have been amended with regard to orders sent using the South African postal system.

31 January | Podcasts

The Podcasts page can be found at : ETC>Podcasts | Radio | TV

The Podcasts (Books) page can be found at BOOKS>Books in the Media – BITM>Podcasts (Books)


16 July | About Us

Changes have been made to the Orders & Valuations, and Terms & Conditions pages 

23 March | Etc > Food and Wine

There are now separate pages for non-South African wines, South African red wines, South African white wines and South African dessert wines.

Books (SA)

From January 2016, new South African books are now listed quarterly (Q1 January – March; Q2 April – June; Q3 July – September; Q4 October – December) and new titles are added as and when information becomes available from the publishers. It is worth checking these pages (including previous quarters) every couple of weeks or so.

Archives – JM Coetzee, Nadine Gordimer, Nelson Mandela

These pages can now be found in Archives > Archive (SA Books)


The Publishers page can now be found under Books

5 January | Archives and changes to Books (UK)

All Books (UK) titles pre-2016 have now been archived.

Books (UK) has been simplified.  ‘UK New Fiction’ and ‘UK New Paperbacks – Fiction’ have been combined, as have ‘UK ‘New Non-fiction’ and ‘UK New Paperbacks – Non-fiction’.

24 November | Maintenance – Archives, Books, Publishers etc tabs

Tabs have been created for Archives and Publishers. The Books, Books (SA) and Books (UK) tabs and pages has been modified. The Quotations – Ts & Cs page has been tweaked. Important broken links have been fixed and this remains a work in progress.

October | Books SA

Sadly, I have dropped the monthly new SA books pages from October 2015, creating instead an ‘SA New and Forthcoming Books’ page instead.

The amount of work and time required to chase publishers each month was unproductive.

11 September | UK Best Sellers

From 5 September 2015 the UK Top Five list has been replaced by a downloadable Official UK Top 50 pdf.

21 July | UK Audio Download Charts

The Bookseller has begun producing a monthly chart of audio downloads. The chart for June can be found under BOOKS (UK).

1 July | The Shop @ Books Etc SOUTH AFRICA

The online shop was added on 1 July 2015

30 June | Front page etc

I have made slight changes to the front page to make the blurb somewhat less wordy.Changes have also been made to the tabs by archiving some of the books pages and moving the English and Food & Wine pages to Etc.

15 April | Away on leave

I shall be away on leave from 1 – 17 May and during that time my access to the internet will be intermittent, so I probably won’t be able to make daily posts. The UK Bestsellers lists and Bookseller Briefings for 1, 8 and 15 May are also likely to be delayed and I apologise for the inconvenience.

15 April | Link icon


The link icon in a post or a on page will take you to the web page of the original source. Its purpose is to fully acknowledge the original source and provide additional material such as comments, additional links etc.

8 April | Broken links mostly restored

Most of the important links have now been restored. For those I have missed, please let me know at books[at]

8 April | Broken links

I’ve just become aware that most of the links which point to internal Books Etc SOUTH AFRICA pages (as opposed to external pages) have broken. The reason for the links breaking is unclear and I apologise for the inconvenience. I’m working on the problem and hope to have the more important links reconnected as soon as possible.  Thanks for your understanding.


8 April | Oscar Pistorius 

The Oscar Pistorius links have been deleted.

15 January | Suspension of blog registration

Since the blog started I have been inundated with spam registrations that have required daily monitoring and clearing. The addition of a Captcha helped, but failed to eliminate the spam so I have decided to suspend registrations until further notice.


12 January | Short Stories

A Short Stories 2015 page has been added to BOOKS (United Kingdom).


26 December : Archives | UK Bestsellers 2014

This page has been archived and can be found by clicking the link on Books (United Kingdom) home page

12 December : Archives | Oscar Pistorius | New SA Books: January – December 2014

The Oscar Pistorius page has now been archived and can be found on at BOOKS (South Africa) > Oscar Pistorius

The titles that were displayed in full on the BOOKS (South Africa) page have been removed and replaced with a January – December link on the same page. Clicking this link will display the titles in full.

9 November : Archives | SA and UK Books + Archive

When building and tweaking the website, sometimes one can’t see the wood for the trees! Without realising it, I was duplicating the information on the SA (and UK) Books home page and the SA (and UK) Books Archive, so the respective home pages have now been amalgamated and renamed: SA Books + Archive, and, UK Books + Archive.

6 November : Blog

The Books Etc blog is up and running and can be found here. The format is still being tested so there may be changes!

November : Changes to the Books Etc website

During November I will be modifying the Books Etc website to include a blog page and to be able to comment you will need to register first. Introducing the blog means tweaking the website, and I apologise in advance for the inconvenience this causes.

1 September : Books Etc archives

To make it easier to use the drop down menus, all books for the period January – June 2014 have now been archived.

6 June : UK Best Sellers

To make it easier to view the UK new books from the drop-down menu, UK Best Sellers has been moved to the home page.

9 April : South African Books : updates

South African publishers regularly provide details of new and recently published books so it is worth going back to pages you may have already read in the event that new titles (for a particular month) have been added.

11 March 2014 : Unavailable jackets, ‘READ MORE’ links, ‘non-UK editions’ etc

More often than not, where a ‘no image available’ graphic is used in the South African Books and UK Books sections, the jacket can be viewed on the publisher’s website. In such instances this seems to be because of the limitations of WordPress.

The ‘READ MORE’ link will take you to the publisher of the particular title but occasionally no information is available on the site.  In the case of UK titles, I have created a link to (usually) the US site.  While the descriptive information is correct, please bear in mind that the ISBNs, pricing and (possibly) the jackets will differ.

21 February 2014 : ISBNs

ISBNs – International Standard Book Numbers – as boring and irrelevant as they may be to most book buyers – are not just important, but useful too.  Every book (with a handful of exceptions) has an isbn, which is the 13-digit number (beginning with 978) usually found near the barcode.  An isbn is unique to a book. (The same book, published in say, Australia, the UK and the US will have three different isbn numbers.)  So if you come across a title while browsing, jot down its isbn (accurately!) as well as its title and author.

21 February 2014 : Searching using the sidebar

It’s not immediately clear that a search result includes a hyperlink to the page(s) on which the search term(s) can be found.  The hyperlink is the heading, which the cursor turns blue.

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