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Archibald Neil Campbell 
Private and Confidential. For Private Circulation Only. 
Memorandum re a private company proposed to be formed by Captain A.N. Campbell and Mr J.R. Robinson, Mining Engineer, for Mining work in ZAMBEZIA,
1st July 1905

Together with autographed letter signed, from Archibald Campbell to Lady [Robert] Hart, 13th July 1905


Max Du Preez
Pale Native
Cape Town: Zebra Press 2003



False Bay – Sea Chart 
Cape of Good Hope c1795


William Forsyth
History of the Captivity of Napoleon at St Helena – From the Letters and Journals of the Late Lieut-Gen Sir Hudson Lowe and Official Documents Not Before Made Public
London, John Murray 1853, Vols I, II, III



Herbert Melville Guest (Seller qq) and Percy Dyer (Purchaser)
Deed of Sale, 10 May 1893



Herbert Melville Guest (Lessor) and William David Sky and Lewis Scopes (Lessees) 
Memorandum of Agreement, 25 November 1905

RW Murray
South African Reminiscences
Cape Town: Juta & Co, 1894

[Sir] Lionel Phillips to ‘Mrs Chaplin’
Autographed letter signed dated 4.10.[18]99


Heywood W Seton-Karr 
Ten Years Travel & Sport in Foreign Lands
London: Chapman & Hall, 1890.
2nd edn ‘with additions’


Simon’s Bay – Plan of a House and Garden 
c1795 – 1802 or c1806 – 1834

South Africa : Election Ephemera
2014 General Election

Mrs AP Trotter
Old Cape Colony
London: Archibald Constable & Co, 1903


D[ouglas] H[arold] Varley (Chief Librarian, South African Public Library) to
Cecil Clarabut Esq
Typed letter signed, 16 March 1961



(Prof) E[ric] A[nderson] Walker to Mr [Cecil] Clarabut
Autographed letter unsigned, 4 November 1966



Zimbabwe : Election Ephemera