SA Dessert Wines N

South African Dessert Wines : N

Platter ratings :

1* plain and simple | 2* pleasant drinking | 3* characterful, appealing | 3.5* very good / promising

4* excellent | 4.5* outstanding | 5* superlative; a South African classic

Nuy 50 Vintages Muscadel NV A

Nuy 50 Vintages Muscadel NV | Platter 4.5*

Platter 2016 “”Listed as ‘Red Muscadel Limited Release’ last edition. 1 500 bottles of this fortified & barrel-matured NV nectar released to mark Nuy’s 50th anniversary. Rich & refined, with subtle tannic grip. Do try to cellar some.”

Nuy Muscadel red 1980 A

Nuy Red Muscadel 1980 | Platter 4*

Platter 1983: “Sweet red dessert wine, lighter and less cloying than many. ’80 and ’81 rated Superior. In 1982, for the second time, was chosen as the champion muscat fortified wine at SA National Show. Certified.

Nuy Red Muscadel 2015 A

Nuy Red Muscadel 2015 | Platter 4.5*

Platter 2017 “Continuing the stellar form of this bargain-priced fortified dessert, 15 has jasmine & honey introducing a full raisin & apricot mouthful. The long grapey finish hides a flick of tannin to prevent stickiness. Perfect end to a good meal.”

Nuy White Muscadel 2014 A

Nuy White Muscadel 2014 | Platter 4.5*

Platter 2016 “Underlining this team’s mastery of fortified muscadel, … yet another deliciously light-footed glass of liquid sunshine. Jasmine-perfumed raisins & citrus, lemon marmalade flavour, honeyed finish goes on and on. Like 13 (4*), will develop beautifully.”