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August 2017 : New Titles

A personal selection from a plethora of titles …



The Hidden Keys

by Andre Alexis

A heroin addict persuades a talented thief to steal some mysterious objects from her siblings-objects that provide clues to a large inheritance left by her wealthy father. Alexis’ previous novel, Fifteen Dogs, won Canada’s Giller Prize and was described as “startlingly original” by the Independent.

Serpent’s Tail, £12.99, 17th August 2017, 9781781258422


by Fiona Melrose


Set over the course of a single day-the day of Nelson Mandela’s death-in Johannesburg, this is both a hymn to the city and homage to Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway.

Corsair, £16.99, 3rd August 2017, 9781472152848

Waiting for Monsieur Bellivier

by Britta Rostlund

Set in Paris in the shadow of Montmartre, this is the tale of two mysteries; a young woman who accepts a large sum of money to forward mysterious encoded emails to a Monsieur Bellivier, and a Tunisian shopkeeper who is asked to spy on a woman’s boyfriend who lives across the street.

Weidenfeld & Nicolson, £12.99, 10th August 2017, 9781474605458



Now Playing: A Seek-and-Find Book for Film Buffs

by Alexandre Clerisse


This Where’s Wally? for film buffs challenges its readers to locate iconic characters and elements from the work of 12 great directors within its film-set spreads. Tim Burton, Stanley Kubrick, Wes Anderson, Alfred Hitchcock and Quentin Tarantino are among those who feature. Great fun.

Chronicle Books, £12.99, 8th August 2017, 9781452166308

The Hungry Empire: How Britain’s Quest for Food Shaped the Modern World

by Lizzie Collingham


The author of Curry and The Taste of War journeys across centuries and continents to discover how food was the foundation upon which the British Empire was built. She constructs her story around a selection of memorable meals: breakfast with an Assamese tribe, a tea party in Raiatea, blackbird pie on the American prairies and Christmas dinner in the middle of the Atlantic.

The Bodley Head Ltd, £25.00, 17th August 2017, 9781847922700

Meet Your Matcha: Over 50 Irresistible Recipes Packed with the Power of Green Tea

by Joanna Farrow

From teas and smoothies, to cakes and savoury dishes, spice up your cooking with Matcha green tea powder, an ingredient beloved of the Hemsleys, Ella Woodward and Nadiya Hussain.

Nourish Books, £9.99, 17th August 2017, 9781848993402

The Grammar of Spice

by Caz Hildebrand


This vibrantly illustrated compendium of over 60 spices “is one of the world’s missing books . . . It will change the way we understand spices and the role they play in defining not only our food but also our place in the world,” says Thames & Hudson, glowingly. Hildebrand was inspired by Owen Jones’ The Grammar of Ornament for the design, and this forms a companion volume to Hildebrand’s Herbarium.

Thames & Hudson Ltd, £16.95, 31st August 2017, 9780500519677

Mandela, the Graphic Novel

by Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory

Mandela’s extraordinary life, told in full-colour graphic novel format. Next year marks the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Robinson, £14.99, 3rd August 2017, 9781472139870

IPA: A Legend in Our Time

by Roger Protz

Charting the phenomenon of IPA, or India Pale Ale, one of the most popular styles in today’s craftbeer revolution. Protz, a respected writer on beer, looks at how it is made and some classic examples.

Pavilion Books, £20.00, 3rd August 2017, 9781911216322




Hag-Seed: The Tempest Retold (Hogarth Shakespeare)

by Margaret Atwood

Atwood reimagines The Tempest, with artistic director Felix now living in a hovel in the backwoods with memories of his lost daughter Miranda. A “triumph”, decided the Sunday Times.

Vintage, £8.99, 3rd August 2017, 9780099594024


by Adrien Bosc


Winner of the Acadmie Franaise Prize with 250,000 copies sold in France, says Serpent’s Tail. This is the story of the 47 people who died on board a passenger plane which left Paris for New York on 27 October 1949, but crashed with no survivors.

Serpent’s Tail, £8.99, 3rd August 2017, 9781781255377


by Min Jin Lee

Follows a Korean family in Japan through eight decades and four generations. “Stunning”, said the New York Times.

Head of Zeus, £8.99, 10th August 2017, 9781786691378


Scandinavians: In Search of the Soul of the North

by Robert Ferguson


A look through two millennia of Scandinavian history, culture and society.

Head of Zeus, £8.99, 10th August 2017, 9781781858950


The Man Who Knew: The Life and Times of Alan Greenspan

by Sebastian Mallaby


This biography of Alan Greenspan, former chair of the Federal Reserve, won the Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award last year.

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, £14.99, 2nd June 2016, 9781408830956

Hitler’s Soldiers: The German Army in the Third Reich

by Ben H. Shepherd


A comprehensive examination of the German army during the Second World War, finding that it was just as complicit in the crimes of the Third Reich as other forces.

Yale University Press, £12.99, 29th August 2017, 9780300228809

The Euro: And its Threat to the Future of Europe

by Joseph Stiglitz

The Nobel Prize-winning economist argues that the Euro is actually a threat to the future of Europe. “Original, hard-hitting”, said the Financial Times.

Penguin Books Ltd, £9.99, 8th August 2017, 9780141983240

Eureka: How Invention Happens

by Gavin Weightman


A look at the scientists and amateurs who lie behind the invention of five key technologies: the plane, television, barcode, personal computer, and mobile phone.

Yale University Press, £10.99, 29th August 2017, 9780300228854