Early Penguin Fiction (orange covers)


Early Penguin Fiction
(orange covers)

Paperbacks, 18×11.5 cm

 All books in good condition unless stated otherwise and listed in publication number order



0214 JACOBS, WW | Many Cargoes

Wrpprs, 246pp +10pp adverts, 1st edn 1st reprint December 1939

The wrpprs present but torn and detached and inserted at the back of the book.


0529 CONRAD, Joseph | Lord Jim

351pp, 1st edn 1st imp 1949


0908 BUCHAN, John | The Three Hostages

283pp + 4pp (book) adverts, 1st edn 1st reprint 1955

‘Price in 3/6 South Africa’ sticker on front cover.


0972 ORWELL, George | Nineteen Eighty-Four

251pp + 2pp (book) adverts, 1st edn 8th reprint 1960