Food – Prices March 1996

From a Pick n Pay till slip dated 30 March 1996

US$1.00 = R3.9285 (Nedcor Economic Unit)

PnP 2-ply toilet rolls (9) R21.35

(Brand?) petit pois (500g) R8.75

PnP whole chicken (mass?) R11.29

Kerrygold butter (250g) R3.95

Eskort Russian sausages (500g) R9.85

Eskort beef sausages (500g) R10.15

Omo washing powder (1kg) R8.69

Carmel sweet dill gherkins (740g) R9.25

Kellogs All Bran flakes (500g) R7.69

Tuc mini biscuits (200g) R6.29

Barilla fusilli no. 98 (?g) R6.65

Kellogs Fruit Loops (400g) R12.25

(Brand?) taco shells (125g) R9.95

(Brand?) milk (1L) R2.15

(Brand?) Large eggs (6) R2.15

Tomango tomato cocktail (400ml) R3.40

(Brand?) Cream of Mushroom soup (can) R6.55

Heinz Mulligatawny / Cream of Mushroom soup R5.75 ea

(Brand?) Sunflower oil (750ml) R3.69

(Brand?) Dark soy sauce (250ml) R7.99

(Brand?) Mexican seasoning (1pkt) R4.59

(All Gold?) Tomato and onion mix (can) R2.99

Hall’s marmalade (450g) R7.39

Hall’s black cherry jam (450g) R9.35

Denny mushrooms (can, 285g) R7.35

John West kipper fillets (200g) R6.95

John West solid tuna in oil (200g) R4.69

Colman’s English mustard (jar,109g) R4.95

Colman’s English mustard powder (50g) R6.99