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When I started the Books Etc website in January (2014) I tinkered with the idea of a blog, experimented a bit and put the idea to one side as, frankly, I hadn’t a clue what I was doing and the learning curve for this arts grad was a tad too steep. The gradient hasn’t changed much, but I’m now a little more experienced at slogging uphill, so I thought , By ‘eck, let’s give this blogging thing a bash!

If you’ve had the time to look around the site, you’ll see where my interests lie: British and South African books, radio and (UK) tv, food and wine, and the English language. If you share any of these interests then I hope you will be at home here.

From the outset, I confess that not all of the pages on the site have received the attention they deserve, especially those in the BOOKS ETC>Etc section. These pages are a work in progress and I hope to devote more time to food, wine and English towards the end of the year, when new books news slows down.

So! Have a look around the site a bit more, and tell me what you think.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jonathan Aldridge



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