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The Vivino ratings are a guide only as the rating for a particular wine may be for a different vintage

Vina Temprana Old Vines Garnacha 2012 A

Vina Temprana Old Vines Garnacha 2012 | Vivino 2.8* Emoticon smiley 

Costing a little more than the Tempranillo (see below) and by no means a great wine, very pleasant for the price. It’s puzzling why it seems that South African wines of a similar quality are not available at this price (R35.00 (Oct 2014)).


Vina Temprana | Old Vines Garnacha 2014 | 

Vina Temprana Old Vines Tempranillo 2011 A

Vina Temprana Old Vines Tempranillo 2011 | Vivino 3.2* Emoticon smiley

Could be softer on the palate but with a block or two of ice (!!) and for the price (R27.00 (Oct 2014)), great value. From our experience, South African wines of this ‘modest but drinkable’ quality are no longer available at this price.

Viñalta Malbec 2014